3 Face Masks for $25 (normally $10 each)

Stock up on masks for yourself, or they make great gifts! So many fabrics to choose from:  Halloween, autumn, summer, flowers, pets, beach, boho, cosmic and more!  Each masks utilizes two fabrics, so they are reversible - so you're really getting SIX masks for $25!  Locals, stop in and pick your fabrics and Sarah will make your masks and put aside for pickup.  Kid's and doll masks are also available.


Please note that Tillie, Angel, RBG and Serenity mandalas are not included in this promotion.


Mask Mists
Mask Mists are blends of 100% essential oils that will refresh your face masks with just a few spritzes.  $10
Available Scents:
Lavender,  - Calming and relaxing, lavender is a perfect antidote to these stressful times.
On Guard - A warm, spicy, camphoraceous and woody blend  - perfect for the male-maskers!
Wild Orange - Packed with antioxidants, our Wild Orange Mist is energizing and invigorating. 
Breathe - A minty, fresh and airy combination of eucalyptus, peppermint, lemon and cardamom.
Now you and your children can create your own MASKerpiece!  We will send a piece of fabric to you that you can use magic markers or acrylic paint to design your own artwork!  We'll also include  a postage-page envelope for you to return the fabric back to us, and we will turn it into a mask!  What a unique way to display your artwork and personality!
Grateful Heart
Sachet Kits
Create your own Grateful Heart Sachets for yourself or for gifts.  Everything you need in one kit!
Sunday, February 21, 2021

Join Cyndi Skola at Serenity by the Sea for a day filled with angel blessings!  You may choose to sign up for one workshop or reading or all, but PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED.  In order to adhere to social distancing requirements, we have room for only 5 people for each workshop, so sign up soon!  This will be a great day to share with family & friends!

The Schedule
Angel Card Clip & Affirmation Cards

You will create a wooden and metal Angel Card Clip to showcase your daily affirmations.  Affirmation cards will also be discussed and created with a variety of art supplies and design notions.


*Positive affirmations are very powerful because they release you from negativity, fear, worry, and anxiety. When you repeat them often and believe in them you can start to make positive changes in your life.


12:00 - 13:30
Lunch break. We will pre-order a boxed lunch for you!
Lunch choices:
Turkey sandwich with bottled water. $11
Chicken Caesar Salad with bottled water $16
12:30 -2:00
Angelic Vision Board

When you ask the Angels for help you create a strong connection of co-creation. We will begin with a guided meditation and some gentle soul exploration as we call upon the angels for inspiration, guidance and assistance. Meditative coloring and drawing will be done as we tune in to what our soul might have to say about our dreams and goals. After the background has been completed a variety of


art supplies, design notions and choice of angel/s will be explored to complete the angelic vision board.  All supplies will be provided.


2:00 to 4:00
Angel Card Readings

Angel Card readings are positive, focused on personal growth, healing and empowerment. When asked Angels will provide comfort, guidance and inspiration.  As an Angel Intuitive, Cyndi connects with your Angels directly so you can receive their guidance.


$25 for 20 minutes

Sunday, February 7, 2021
Let's bring some ZEN to Super Bowl Sunday and have our own celebration!
This amazing day will be jam-packed with fun, relaxing, creative and nurturing treats!  Yogi tea, chocolate kisses and lots of love will be provided all day long.  Stay for the day or pick & choose what works for you!  Each event is booked separately - RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED, so sign up below!
The Schedule
Chair Yoga with Dawn
Visit www.themobileyogi.com to reserve your "seat"!
"Learn to Draw Mandala Workshop" with Deb Hathaway Hunter.
$25 per person. Workshop limited to 5 people.
1:00 - 1:30
Lunch break. We will pre-order a boxed lunch for you!
Lunch choices:
Turkey sandwich with bottled water. $11
Chicken Caesar Salad with bottled water $16
1:30 -2:30
Create seashell and seaglass votive candle holders
You'll make two for $20.  Class limited to 5 people.
2:45 to 4:00
Create a Grateful Heart Sachet
$30.  Class limited to 4 people.
Intuitive Tarot Readings with Trish
    Sunday, March 21

The Tarot provides insights for self-discovery. A reading can show the path of where one’s energy is moving and reveals a story to whatever might be relevant at the time. Open an avenue to your inner being and receive insights for self-discovery. 


20 Minute Reading: $40 


Trish brings over 35 years’ experience in intuitive reading. She is able to sense a person’s energy field in order to give them insights, understanding and clarity of where they are and where they are going. She is able to receive messages from her clients' spirit guides and spirit family. She can see images around a person that tells her what energies are at play in their life. And she sometimes picks up past lives that are impacting their current life. She will use the tarot cards to get insight into a particular question or life in general. 


Before you get a reading, please center, ground and relax. Have an open mind. Create an intention to gain insights from your reading. Leave your expectations behind and drop preconceived outcomes to your questions as they tend to energetically get in the way. Have a few questions ready, let the reading flow and let Spirit take the reading where it needs to go. 

Notorious RBG
Face Masks!
Each mask is $10 plus $7.75 for priority mail shipping. 3 masks for $27.  
Notorious RBG
RBG fabric on one side, and positive words of inspiration on the other.
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