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Much of the jewelry that we have chosen for the shop is truly Fair Trade. This is important to us since we recognize and value the talents and skills of the creators.


We have items from Nepal, Peru, Guatemala, India, and Africa as well as beading from the rainforest tribes in Columbia.   Some of the items are also of a vintage nature from beautiful bead medallions worn on the ceremonial clothes in Afghanistan, to vintage silver from Egypt. 

Much of the jewelry that we create is purely a labor of love. Our beading utilizes sea glass beads in earrings and necklaces. We turn beautiful millefiori clay discs into my Karma Koins. Our color-changing mirage beads amaze and intrigue folks when we show how they transform (more on the mirage beads below). We infuse all our pieces with razzle dazzle! These are not just beads . . .

We're also so proud of the pieces that are made by friends and local artists.  They just make us happy to be around them, and we're sure they will do the same for you!

Mirage Beads

Mirage beads are color-changing beads that amaze folks once they realize that they are like mood rings of the past! When the beads are cold, they are black, but as heat is added they transform into beautiful green/blue hues.  They come with a card that states: "Mirage beads come alive with fantastic colors as you wear them. Inspired by the mood jewelry of the 60's and 70's , these thermo-sensitive liquid crystal beads change color with minute variations in temperature.  As with life itself, mirage beads are always changing and mysterious."

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