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Featured Artist

Vincent DiGerlando

Vin Portrait 2020.jpg
We are proud to feature the works of local artist Vincent DiGerlando. 
Vincent is a visual artist working in the New York/New Jersey area, creating word paintings and art on driftwood, stones and sea shells which he sells at craft shows and to various stores at the Jersey shore.

His work consists of word paintings, as well as images and collages on driftwood that has been harvested from the Jersey beaches during the off season. He also offers signed prints of some of the original paintings and collages that he has sold. Other artifacts he creates are painted stones, and sea shells which have laser prints of his original angel paintings applied on the inner part of the shell.

Vincent believes the driftwood pieces, stones and shells contain the many spirits and energies of the earth, wind, sun, and sea acquired from their journeys and experiences from the time they left their source of origin. He believes that all of his art contains a positive spiritual energy that enhances the individual who lives with them as well as the space that it occupies.

Vincent also believes that the spiritual, mystical and creative forces exist in an interplay on the same plane of reality, and his art is a partnership of and with these forces.

When the viewer brings his or her consciousness to the artwork, that is when the true happenings begin. The process of the artist creating, and the observer using his or her vision and mind in relating to the work, originate having their own personal, magically unique experience.
Please stop by Serenity by the Sea and check out Vincent's beautiful art, and visit his Etsy shop, "Driftwood Journey", here.  
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