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Karma Koins

Karma Koins are colorful millefiori clay discs, made in America. They can be worn as a necklace or carried in your pocket, to remind you of a specific intention or maintain a positive thought flow. Perfect to give to a friend who might need some courage, hope or dreams.


_Courage_ Karma Koin
"Peace" Karma Koin
"Dream" Karma Koin
"Sea-Earth-Sky" Karma Koin
"Spirituality" Karma Koin
"Love" Karma Koin
_Hope_ Karma Koin
Health Karma Koin
Harmony Karma Koin
Respect Karma Koin

Karma Koins are about the size of a quarter, and each Koin comes with a cord to wear as a necklace.

Each Karma Koin has a different intention:


"Courage" (Dragonfly): Courage is the quality of your mind which meets danger or opposition with unshaken calmness, firmness and bravery.

"Peace" (Peacock):  Peace is complete harmony & tranquility in the universe. Peace is freedom from disturbance.  Peace is being able to give the beat & all that we have toward creating a world that supports everyone.

"Dreams" (Moon):  Dreams are your thoughts, fantasies, images and visions that are passing through your mind to help you build a better world.

"Sky-Earth-Sea" (Mermaid): The spirit of Life is the force that connects all living things. Balance brings harmony within the universe.  Rejoice in life's symphony.

"Spirituality" (Mandala): Spirituality is your energy and power pertaining to the wonder and nature of your soul.

"Love" (Heart): Love is your strong, complex emotion or feeling causing you to appreciate and delight in the presence of another with affection, passion & fondness.

"Hope" (Butterfly): Hope is your desire for goals of fulfillment and expectations of what you truly wish for in live.

"Health" (Poppy): Health is your general well-being and soundness for the strength, vigor and wholeness of your body and soul.

"Harmony" (Sunflower): Harmony is your state of order and agreement, and completeness in your relationship within yourself and with others.

"Respect" (Flower): Respect is the quality to have regard for others, through your kindness, giving and consideration for one another.

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