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Intuitive Tarot Readings with Trish
    Sunday, December 12

The Tarot provides insights for self-discovery. A reading can show the path of where one’s energy is moving and reveals a story to whatever might be relevant at the time. Open an avenue to your inner being and receive insights for self-discovery. 


20 Minute Reading: $40 


Trish brings over 35 years’ experience in intuitive reading. She is able to sense a person’s energy field in order to give them insights, understanding and clarity of where they are and where they are going. She is able to receive messages from her clients' spirit guides and spirit family. She can see images around a person that tells her what energies are at play in their life. And she sometimes picks up past lives that are impacting their current life. She will use the tarot cards to get insight into a particular question or life in general. 


Before you get a reading, please center, ground and relax. Have an open mind. Create an intention to gain insights from your reading. Leave your expectations behind and drop preconceived outcomes to your questions as they tend to energetically get in the way. Have a few questions ready, let the reading flow and let Spirit take the reading where it needs to go. 

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