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Wire Wrapping Crystals Workshop
    Saturday December 18

If you have a crystal that is energetically significant to you or that you just think is beautiful, and want to have it be part of you at all times, this workshop is for you! During this gathering, you will learn basic wire wrapping techniques using bare copper wire and a crystal/stone of your choice.


Together, we will learn and practice two simple wire wrapping techniques. Your crystal creations will be suspended from an 18-inch faux leather cord so that you can wear it yourself or gift it to someone special. We will have a variety of appropriately sized/shaped crystals to choose from (as well as the information on their energetic correspondences), or you may bring your own special piece. For the techniques we will be using, crystals with at least 1.5-2 inches of length work best, but we can make almost anything work if needed! 


Mask-wearing to be decided at the workshop. Please respect the comfort level of others at this time.

Workshop limited to 6 people.

Workshop cost: $35

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