Welcome to Serenity by the Sea!

Serenity by the Sea store front
Serenity by the Sea store front

Store front image of Serenity by the Sea, Ocean Grove, NJ

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Serenity by the Sea store front
Serenity by the Sea store front

Store front image of Serenity by the Sea, Ocean Grove, NJ

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Serenity by the Sea is a beautiful little gem at the New Jersey Shore, in the historic town of Ocean Grove. It's a place where people can gather in peace - a true "feel good" store!
Most handcrafted or fair trade items are custom created for a very unique shopping experience.  Our little shop of wonder includes handmade tutus, jewelry, soaps, candles, hotholders, sage, incense, and yogi-inspired spa and home gifts that help preserve and protect our planet.

Spring Hours:  10-5 Every Day

Current mask policy: The wearing (or not wearing) of masks will be a personal decision that will be honored and respected.

Sarah may limit the number of customers in the store at any time.
Our on-line shop is also open for your dose of Serenity! 


Disclaimer: Intuitive readings are for entertainment purposes only and do not constitute medical advice. All readings and questions answered should at no time be regarded as a substitute for professional services. It is advised that you seek advice from the appropriate qualified expert in matters regarding legal, medical, financial, psychological or business.

Spiritual Readings with Fayth
 Saturday May 28
A lifelong resident of the Jersey Shore, Fayth has been giving readings for more than 30 years. Whether you would like a tarot, psychic or mediumship reading, Fayth will surround you with loving, healing energy while consulting with spirit to find the answers you seek. Whether you have specific questions or would like a general reading, she will help to provide with understanding of your specific situation.
Wondering what the future holds? Have questions about the past, present or future? Unsure of your next step? She will tap into your energy to provide clarity, reassurance, peace of mind, and insight on the path that is yours alone.

20 minute reading: $40 

Spiritual Readings.jpeg
   NEW! EFT (Tapping) 3-Part Series
  Part 1: Saturday, May 14, 9:00-10:30am
Part 2: Saturday, June 4, 9:00-10:30am
Part 3:  TBA
Join us for a  three-part series with Meryl Hayton. Learn how to use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), or tapping therapy, to manage your stress and find ease amongst chaos.

In this 90 minute experiential group class, you will be guided in a safe & compassionate space to learn the basics of how EFT and LOA & how it will help you self regulate your nervous system, calm your energy and keep you emotionally balanced.


EFT is short for Emotional Freedom Technique which is a non-invasive form of acupuncture (a.k.a tapping) in which you tap on Chinese meridian points while saying psychological phrases pertaining to your issue so they can properly be released making you feel better. These results can be PERMANENT, not just temporary. 

When emotions are avoided or forced down they don't just GO AWAY, they get stored in your body. When stored there long enough and not permitted to move as they are naturally supposed to do, it creates many forms of DIS-EASE in your body, weighing on your mental and physical health. 

Once you’ve CLEARED some emotional clutter you are able to use the practices of Law Of Attraction which is to simply focus on what you want. But it must be a consistent practice so you allow in what you DO WANT in your life like more LOVING, SUPPORTIVE RELATIONSHIPS, VIBRANT HEALTH and A FULFILLING CAREER.

You will:

  • receive awareness, healing and clarity for your mind & body

  • learn how to use this practice daily in your life to relieve your stress for good

  • learn how to self-regulate your emotions & nervous system

  • learn how to shift your mindset quickly and stay anchored in the energy to building a life you love

  • feel calm, centered, hopeful and excited about life. 

Info on Sessions 2 & 3 to come.

Reservation required. Workshop limited to 10 people.

Cost: $40

Angel Oracle Card Readings
    Saturday, May 21

Donna Cardillo, RN is an intuitive healer. Known as "The Inspiration Nurse", she is a Reiki Master, meditation teacher, Certified Forest Therapy Guide, and Veriditas-trained labyrinth facilitator. She is an international speaker, retreat leader, and life-long Jersey Girl.

Donna is author of the award-winning book Falling Together: How to Find Balance, Joy and Meaningful Change When Your Life Seems to be Falling Apart, which will be available to purchase at the session. Donna will be happy to sign your copy!

Donna uses Angel Oracle Cards and her own experience as a long-time coach and healer for an intuitive reading about matters related to life, health, and career. 

20 minute reading: $40

Oracle Cards.jpeg
Ho'oponopono Workshop
    Sunday, May 22
9:00 - 10:30am

Ho'oponopono is an Ancient Hawaiian practice still  in use today.  Ho'oponopono roughly translates to "the ability to cause things to move back into balance and to make things right"  It is a practice of reconciliation  and forgiveness, allowing you to accept responsibility without guilt.  It is also well known for clearing negativity from one's mind and thoughts and a way to get rid of subconscious memories/data that holds you back. 

Reservation required. Workshop limited to 8 people.

Workshop cost: $25

Introduction to Zentangle®
Sunday, May 22
12:00 - 2:00pm

Zentangle® has been described as a spiritual art practice which enhances mindfulness and self-awareness, decreases stress and calms the mind.  In this relaxing, creative, meditative and quite fun workshop, where no talent or experience is needed, you will learn 4-6 basic Zentangle® patterns. Each structured pattern will be broken down into small steps and what results are beautiful creative and unique images. Tangles are created on small paper tiles using a special black drawing pen. You will leave class confident in your unique, creative expression and with new skills to continue tangling on your own.


Mindy Shapiro is a CZT - a certified Zentangle® teacher and a papercut and book artist. Check out her work  at www.mindyshapiro.com


Reservation required. Workshop limited to 6 people.

Workshop cost: $50 (includes supplies)

Blessings in the Wind:
Make your own Prayer Flags
Saturday, May 28
9:30 - 11:00am

Make your own prayer flags!

Reservation required. Workshop limited to 6 people.

Workshop cost: $30

prayer flags.jpeg
Highly Sensitive People
Sunday, May 29
9:30 - 11:00am

More info to come.

Reservation required. Workshop limited to 10 people.

Workshop cost: $35

Sierra Headband.jpg
LoloMercado Handmade Sierra Headbands

We now proudly carry LoloMercado Sierra Headbands, handmade in the Sierra Region of Oaxaca, Mexico. 

• Made with a high-quality cotton poplin fabric, 100% non-toxic, soft, and comfortable.

• Hand Embroidered.

• Elastic included on the back for a better fit.

$24 each

Free Form Stencil Painting
Build a stencil, and then use paint or colored pencils to create a beautiful free form stencil painting.  Kit containing artist canvas and all the supplies you need to complete the painting.  $25.  Workshop limited to 4 people, reservations required.
Notorious RBG
Face Masks!
Each mask is $10 plus $7.75 for priority mail shipping. 3 masks for $27.  
Notorious RBG
RBG fabric on one side, and positive words of inspiration on the other.
RBG Potholders.jpg
The Crystal & Stone Shop
Crystal Bundles
Crystals for the Holidays, Personal Healing, Gatherings & Work Place
Handpicked by Sarah, these crystal bundles are intended to be used the day before your gathering.  You simply infuse them with the intentions you want to express and achieve. $24/bundle.
Each bundle contains the following crystals:
Fluorite:   Absorbs and neutralizes stress and negative energy.
Black Tourmaline: Cleans negative energy and brings balance to your space.
Blue Kyanite: A high vibrational stone that connects to your throat chakra so your voice can be heard.
Smokey Quartz: A grounding stone used for serenity, patience and calm.
Clear Quartz: Cleanses and enhances while raising the energy of a group.
Clear Away Negativity
Create a wonderful, relaxing atmosphere with our "Clear Away Negativity" Bundles. A beautifully aromatic combination of palo santo, selenite, sage, lavender and, of course, love!
Clear Away Bundles.jpg
Clear Away Bundles 2.jpg
Lavender Soap
Lavender plant
Soap of the Month
Lavender  comes from the Latin word "Lavare", which means "to wash". According to the earliest documentation from Ancient Egypt, lavender oil was used in the mummification process. Lavender was used as a bath additive in Persia, Ancient Greece and Roman cultures, where it was believed that lavender helped to purify the body and mind.  Such a multi-purpose plant, lavender is used to promote good health and well being. Lavender oil is believed to have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, which can help to heal minor burns and bug bites.  Lavender is widely used for relaxation and stress relief, and imparts calming qualities due to the soothing and unique fragrance