Our retail store will be temporarily closed until further notice so that all may be safe - please visit our online store for your dose of Serenity! 



Welcome to Serenity by the Sea!

Serenity by the Sea is a beautiful little gem at the New Jersey Shore, in the historic town of Ocean Grove. It's a place where people can gather in peace - a true "feel good" store!
Most handcrafted or fair trade items are custom created for a very unique shopping experience.  Our little shop of wonder includes handmade tutus, jewelry, soaps, candles, hotholders, sage, incense, and yogi-inspired spa and home gifts that help preserve and protect our planet.
What's New?
Serenity by the Sea Tote Bags
Our brand new totes are in! The tote bags feature original artwork and are made from sturdy canvas with strong handles.  These totes are large enough for books, and make a handy beach bag. Get yours so you can be Grooving in the Grove!  Stop in today or purchase one online HERE.
Sage Sticks
Burning sage is a custom handed down from Native American civilizations and is considered a spiritual practice that removes negative energy.
Upcoming Events:
** With respect for those currently concerned with social gathering, for the time being all events are postponed.  We will keep you updated with any changes.  Thank you! **

Introducing "Serenity Treasures"

Many of you have been in our shop and have experienced the “Zen from Within”.  With that in mind, we've put together these lovely treasure packages filled with love & comfort to help keep that Zen state of mind continuously flowing!


Each Serenity Treasure package contains seven items that are lovingly chosen by us, and each item is wrapped individually with peace and loving intention.  For full details, click the link below.

Soap of the Month
Lavender  comes from the Latin word "Lavare", which means "to wash". According to the earliest documentation from Ancient Egypt, lavender oil was used in the mummification process. Lavender was used as a bath additive in Persia, Ancient Greece and Roman cultures, where it was believed that lavender helped to purify the body and mind.  Such a multi-purpose plant, lavender is used to promote good health and well being. Lavender oil is believed to have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, which can help to heal minor burns and bug bites.  Lavender is widely used for relaxation and stress relief, and imparts calming qualities due to the soothing and unique fragrance
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Serenity by the Sea

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Hours may vary seasonally, so we suggest you call ahead or check our FB page.

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