Welcome to Serenity by the Sea!

Serenity by the Sea store front
Serenity by the Sea store front

Store front image of Serenity by the Sea, Ocean Grove, NJ

Sarah & her mask
Sarah & her mask


Serenity by the Sea store front
Serenity by the Sea store front

Store front image of Serenity by the Sea, Ocean Grove, NJ

Serenity by the Sea is a beautiful little gem at the New Jersey Shore, in the historic town of Ocean Grove. It's a place where people can gather in peace - a true "feel good" store!
Most handcrafted or fair trade items are custom created for a very unique shopping experience.  Our little shop of wonder includes handmade tutus, jewelry, soaps, candles, hotholders, sage, incense, and yogi-inspired spa and home gifts that help preserve and protect our planet.

Summer Hours:  10-5 Every Day
  Masks and social distancing rules apply.
Sarah may limit the number of customers in the store at any time.
Our on-line shop is also open for your dose of Serenity! 


  We've added lots of classes, readings and events, including Mandala Drawing, Fan Club, Grateful Heart Sachets, Sea Glass Votives and more!



Intuitive Tarot Readings with Trish
    Sunday, August 22

The Tarot provides insights for self-discovery. A reading can show the path of where one’s energy is moving and reveals a story to whatever might be relevant at the time. Open an avenue to your inner being and receive insights for self-discovery. 


20 Minute Reading: $40 


Trish brings over 35 years’ experience in intuitive reading. She is able to sense a person’s energy field in order to give them insights, understanding and clarity of where they are and where they are going. She is able to receive messages from her clients' spirit guides and spirit family. She can see images around a person that tells her what energies are at play in their life. And she sometimes picks up past lives that are impacting their current life. She will use the tarot cards to get insight into a particular question or life in general. 


Before you get a reading, please center, ground and relax. Have an open mind. Create an intention to gain insights from your reading. Leave your expectations behind and drop preconceived outcomes to your questions as they tend to energetically get in the way. Have a few questions ready, let the reading flow and let Spirit take the reading where it needs to go. 

Sierra Headband.jpg
LoloMercado Handmade Sierra Headbands

We now proudly carry LoloMercado Sierra Headbands, handmade in the Sierra Region of Oaxaca, Mexico. 

• Made with a high-quality cotton poplin fabric, 100% non-toxic, soft, and comfortable.

• Hand Embroidered.

• Elastic included on the back for a better fit.

$24 each

Fan Club 1.jpg
Fan Club 3.jpg
Fan Club!
Join us for this fun workshop where you will create a beautiful watercolor fan! $20, space limited to 4.  Click button below to see dates & times and to sign up!
Quilling is the art of manipulating strips of paper to create beautiful artwork.  Kit containing paper strips, quilling tool and frame is included. Additional kits available for purchase for $20.   Workshop cost $25, space limited to 4.  Reservations required.
Free Form Stencil Painting
Build a stencil, and then use paint or colored pencils to create a beautiful free form stencil painting.  Kit containing artist canvas and all the supplies you need to complete the painting.  $25.  Workshop limited to 4 people, reservations required.
The Face Mask & "Maskcessories" Shop
Handmade Face Masks

Sarah has been very busy sewing face masks utilizing her gorgeous array of fabrics. Each and every mask she creates is imbibed with so much love.  As she sews each mask, Sarah sends beautiful intentions

and loving thoughts of good health and peace for the person who will receive the mask.

Each mask is $10 plus $7.75 for priority mail shipping. 3 masks for $27.  

Newest Additions:

Serenity By the Sea Gratitude and Tillie masks!  These masks are $15.

Face Mask Sets: Now you, your child and their American Girl Doll can have a matching set of masks!  $25 per set.  American Girl Doll masks also sold separately for $6 each.

Face Mask Card.jpg
Face Mask Holders
Who else hates removing/putting on your mask a million times a day?  These awesome face mask holders allow you to easily put your mask off & on while keeping it handy!  
Adult Mask Holders $6
Children's Mask Lanyards $8
Mask Mists
Mask Mists are blends of 100% essential oils that will refresh your face masks with just a few spritzes.  Available Scents:
Lavender,  On Guard, Wild Orange, and
Breathe. $10
Now you and your children can create your own MASKerpiece!  We will send a piece of fabric to you that you can use magic markers or acrylic paint to design your own artwork!  We'll also include  a postage-page envelope for you to return the fabric back to us, and we will turn it into a mask!  What a unique way to display your artwork and personality!
Just Charmin', Darlin' Face Mask Charms

Add some zen to your face mask with Sarah's new face mask charms!

Chair Yoga with Dawn
*Reservations MUST be made in advance and are REQUIRED*
For your safety and convenience, classes are conducted both in person and online. 
Chair yoga is gentle for all levels. The class includes breathing, meditation, deep opening and alignment with seated asanas, and basic standing stretches.  Chair yoga can strengthen, open and align your body, helping your mind to become more focused and less cluttered.
We are in the process of putting together a new schedule for 
Chair Yoga - Stay tuned!
$10 per 45-minute class.
In-person classes are limited to 4 students and will be strictly enforced.  Masks are required.  Feel free to bring mats, light weights and yoga socks if you'd like.  We recommend either wearing yoga socks or going barefoot.
Visit www.themobileyogi.com to reserve your "seat" today!
The Crystal & Stone Shop
Crystal Bundles
Crystals for the Holidays, Personal Healing, Gatherings & Work Place
Handpicked by Sarah, these crystal bundles are intended to be used the day before your gathering.  You simply infuse them with the intentions you want to express and achieve. $24/bundle.
Each bundle contains the following crystals:
Fluorite:   Absorbs and neutralizes stress and negative energy.
Black Tourmaline: Cleans negative energy and brings balance to your space.
Blue Kyanite: A high vibrational stone that connects to your throat chakra so your voice can be heard.
Smokey Quartz: A grounding stone used for serenity, patience and calm.
Clear Quartz: Cleanses and enhances while raising the energy of a group.
Clear Away Negativity
Create a wonderful, relaxing atmosphere with our "Clear Away Negativity" Bundles. A beautifully aromatic combination of palo santo, selenite, sage, lavender and, of course, love!
Clear Away Bundles.jpg
Clear Away Bundles 2.jpg
Lavender Soap
Lavender plant
Soap of the Month
Lavender  comes from the Latin word "Lavare", which means "to wash". According to the earliest documentation from Ancient Egypt, lavender oil was used in the mummification process. Lavender was used as a bath additive in Persia, Ancient Greece and Roman cultures, where it was believed that lavender helped to purify the body and mind.  Such a multi-purpose plant, lavender is used to promote good health and well being. Lavender oil is believed to have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, which can help to heal minor burns and bug bites.  Lavender is widely used for relaxation and stress relief, and imparts calming qualities due to the soothing and unique fragrance